The itinerary plays with words and arts, and it refers to the egg (nuovo means new, uovo means egg), primordial form present in human art from antiquity to contemporary, reproduced over millennia in all kinds of materials. N-Uovo explores the life cycle of artistic artifacts that adorn individuals and urban spaces, through an itinerary among the techniques, the processes and the protagonists of the applied arts of the city. Objects created, modeled, displayed, worn, donated, lost, rediscovered and returned to new life mark an itinerary that knots ancient and contemporary, applied arts and fashion culture, ancient techniques of artistic treatment of matter and experimental processes of realization.

Designed by:
Stefano Casaluce (Fratelli Broche, vintage & performing arts)
Paola Donatiello (Fare Ricerca Lab, mapping urbano e formazione alla valorizzazione degli spazi)
Francesca Girotti (RestauriAmo, restauro e arti visive)
Stefano Orpelli (Rilegatoria Orpelli)
Sara Paglia (
Roberta Pisanu (Oreficeria artigianale in cera persa)
Marcella Renna (Ceramics and Graphics)
Darya Tsaptsyna (acquarellista – studio d’artista)
Patrizia Villani (Accàpo Lab, accessori moda e complementi d’arredo)

The itinerary is available on LUME PlannER. Download the app, select Mappe Plurali Bologna and access the app. Have a nice journey!

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