The prototype on Google Play


The experimental prototype of LUME PlannER is now available on Google Play.
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Platform Development Criteria


The LUME PlannER main output is a smartphone and tablet application to plan trips and visits to the regional tourism destinations, available for download at the project website. The app will also provide the user with real-time suggestions and alerts during his visit. Alerts will be aimed at supporting emergencies management (for example, in the event of a car accident making heavily busy the selected route, the app will suggest a set of alternative options), at informing on more comfortable and sustainable travel solutions than the chosen ones, at pointing out the presence of less known sites near the chosen destination. Suggestions and alerts will be delivered in a non-intrusive way and according to the user needs, wishes and requirements.

The intermediate prototypes and the final pilot are subjected to iterative testing, based on both qualitative techniques and empirical usability testing.
The platform will be made operational by a pilot including at least 50 tourist sites and involving at least 1,000 users.
The use of prototypes by users will be constantly monitored through log analysis and longitudinal tests. Tests are aimed at validating the app usability and / or at introducing changes in order to achieve the expected results.

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