Identification of the Sites
  Multimodal Data Management
  Cloud Platform
  User Interface Design

To identify the historical, artistic and cultural sites to be inserted into the network in collaboration with experts in the field.
Nowadays, we collaborate with Emilia-Romagna’s Regional Secretariat of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and with the Institute for Artistic and Cultural Heritage (IBC) of the Emilia-Romagna Region.
We will point transport options available for visitors to reach their destination, taking account of their knowledge levels in ICT technologies. The app will promote both renowned sites and lesser-known areas.


To create and/or implement algorithms that can process the data concerned with both public and private tourist sites and with the territory’s cultural events and attractions.
Selected algorithms will have to perform two main tasks:
Extracting metadata from multiple open sources;
Providing the users with personalized information and suggestions, customized on their profile and interests, in order to let them best enjoy their visit and choose alternative itineraries depending on traffic and visitors flow to the selected destination.
Suggestions and alerts will be delivered according to the user’s profile: LUME PlannER will highlight the touristic attractions which best address the needs and preferences of the end-user.


To develop a cloud computing scalable platform in order to collect data from tourist attractions, social media, telecommunications networks and transport services.
The platform will be built as a cloud architecture and it will process static and dynamic information in order to generate proactive context and location based suggestions.


To create an effective and smart user interface, supported by any smartphone and tablet device. We are developing a range of highly usable interfaces based and the user’s needs, characteristics and constraints.
The approach adopted brings end users into the design process, involving alternate phases of design development and experimental verification with the users.
Such an approach aims at developing a participatory process including local user groups and stakeholders.


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