What is Mappe Plurali?
Mappe Plurali (Mapping plurality)Plural Maps is a participatory workshop aimed at the creative mapping of cultural heritage and the co-design of itineraries within urban, extra-urban and / or rural neighborhoods and areas.
The workshop is aimed at citizens and social actors which contribute to enrich the intangible heritage through their activities, products, services, projects and initiatives.
For culture and tourism sectors, for artisans, artists and creative people of the territory, it is an opportunity to enhance and give visibility to their work, to create networks and opportunities for collaboration with other sectors and within their own sphere, to incubate further ideas and projects in synergy with the other participants.
For students and professionals in communication and culture, the laboratory is an opportunity to experiment with new strategies for cultural creation and promotion and forge contacts with other actors operating in the area.
For all interested, Mappe Plurali is finally a way to actively contribute to the narration and enhancement of the territory through their knowledge, experiences and testimonies

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